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Use Case Collection

Inspiring Use Cases.

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Standard Use Case | 3 min to read

Forecasting Excellence with AI & Forecastability

Use guided best-in-class (AI) forecasting methods and forecastability analysis to automatically detect and realize improvement potential.

Forecasting Methods
Forecasting Improvements
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Standard Use Case | 3 min to read

Optimization Parameter Importance

Identify the features / parameters importance for optimization.

. . .

Use Case | 3 min to read

AI-based Fraud Detection

Quickly identify fraud patterns with AI-classification.

Pattern recognition
Automation, Analytics, App
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Use Case | 2 min to read

Creating complex realtime Manufacturing KPI Dashboards

Connecting several data sources (machines, shift reports, Excel, SAP) and run analytics to gain valuable insights in realtime for your manufacturing process.

Production Analytics
Realtime data
Analytics Automation
Automation & App
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Standard Use Case | 2 min to read

Building a Modern App based on Google Sheets without Code

Build business apps or complex dynamic dashboards based on Google Sheets in minutes via two-way live integration.

No-Code app
Spreadsheet to App in minutes
Google Sheets

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