LOGIBLOX Analytics

Your Instant Smart Analytics Enabler. Empowering analysts and business experts to perform Data Engineering & Analytics with ease. No code required.

Analytics Done Differently

Analyze in minutes

Create your desired analytics in minutes. Use drag & drop analytics to analyze and visualize complex data in no time.

Flexible and Modular Insights to Action

Save valuable time with LOGIBLOX Analytics modular and flexible building blox. Adapt and trigger the right actions.

Great Insights, Optimizations, Forecasts

Benefit from best-in-class algorithms & templates from top-notch data scientists. Build on top or create your own.

Embedded Analytics

Embed analytics and its results in other tools, apps, systems.

Build complex analytics workflows & variants

Plug & play with your analytics. Break down complexity and handle with ease. Build and change workflows flexibly.

Use analytics without IT dependencies

No dependencies on scarce IT resources. Build & change it yourself.

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Lightspeed Analytics

LOGIBLOX Analytics is a drag-and-drop tool that lets you create analytics in minutes without coding.

It simplifies the analytics process and is accessible without any technical expertise. It's a game changer for analysts who want to create high-quality analytics in no time with highest efficiency.

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Flexible, modular and powerful insights to action

Building blox for data visualization, dashboards, reportings, predictive analytics, and automation tools greatly help streamline decision-making processes.

Businesses are provided with actionable insights that help optimize operations, improve customer experiences, and drive growth and profitability. Rapidly identify patterns, outliers and respond to data changes.

Customizable dashboards let you focus on specific insights that matter most to their business. With real-time access to data, you stay informed and drive pro-active measures.

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Advanced Analytics - Top-Notch Insights, Optimizations, Forecasts

Benefit from best-in-class methods and data science expertise for optimizations, forecasting and insights generation.

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Supply Chain Planning Families

Analyze and form supply chain families.

Multi-Channel Insights
Advanced Clustering
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Multi Regression Analyses

Use out of the box correlation analysis paired with regression models - get results in minutes.

Regression models
Data Analytics
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Forecasting Excellence with AI & Forecastability

Use guided best-in-class (AI) forecasting methods and forecastability analysis to automatically detect and realize improvement potential.

Forecasting Methods
Forecasting Improvements

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