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Fraud Use Cases

Build fraud detection apps based on LOGIBLOX AI classification algorithm in minutes.

LOGIBLOX enables you to use the power of AI. Benefit from our advanced pre-built machine learning models and train with historical data to predict future fraud. All without any experience in data science.

Business Problem

Credit card fraud is a significant problem for businesses and consumers alike, with billions of dollars lost each year. Fraudsters use increasingly sophisticated tactics to evade detection, making it challenging to identify fraudulent transactions quickly. Traditional fraud detection methods often require manual reviews and can lead to significant delays, resulting in losses for the business and frustration for the customers.


The LOGIBLOX no-code AI platform comes with a fraud detection solution that uses advanced AI classification algorithm to analyze credit card transactions in real-time. Train your machine learning model with fraudulent transactions based on historical data. Test the performance and integrated it into your existing IT landscape or build your own fraud detection cockpit with the LOGIBLOX App Builder (Learn more).

With LOGIBLOX, it`s very easy to:

  • detect fraud in credit card transactions by using LOGIBLOX AI real-time
  • learn from your historical data to drastically reduce costs from fraud
Detect Fraud

Use advanced machine learning to detect fraud.

Reduce costs

Eliminate fraud with LOGIBLOX to significantly reduce costs from fraud.

Take control

Build your own fraud detection system in minutes.

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