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Dynamic Dashboards

Adaptable & Embedded Web Dashboard for Insights Excellence

Many data sources with various logical data cleansing and preparation steps plus interactive slicing make it difficult to create dynamic dashboards.

Business Problem

Dashboards are an essential tool for businesses to analyze and monitor their KPI data. However, with the increasing volume and variety of data sources, it has become a challenge for organizations to consolidate and present their data in a single dashboard.


With LOGIBLOX, you can easily connect to multiple data sources, including spreadsheets, databases, and web services, and create powerful dashboards without any coding expertise. The platform's intuitive drag-and-drop interface and pre-built widgets make it simple to customize dashboards to suit specific business needs. Additionally, LOGIBLOX offers a range of collaboration and sharing features, enabling teams to work together on data-driven insights in real-time

With LOGIBLOX, it`s very easy to:

  • highly automate data preparation & processing at much lower costs
  • greatly speed up analytics to deliver insights via informative KPI dashboards
  • use instant insights to make better decisions and optimize processes


Gain domain insights 10x times faster right from the expert point of view compared to traditional IT-backed analytics processes.


Build analytics 5x more efficiently without long alignment cycles between business and IT. Leverage data automation to get instant insights.


Gained transparency helps all stakeholders to unveil and talk about the same issue from it`s own perspective.

Transform Your Organization

Get ready to unlock hidden insights from your data.

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