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Supply Chain Planning Families

Create an advanced clustering of SAP Supply Chain Data

Generate planning families with advanced clustering.

Business Problem

Our customer wanted to identifying groups of products that share similar characteristics and attributes, known as "planning families". This is a difficult and time-consuming task. Doing this manually can lead to mistakes, making it hard to manage inventory, plan production, and manage supply chain logistics. It requires advanced machine learning algorithms.

LOGIBLOX solution

LOGIBLOX uses a clustering technique organizing the data on the products in a way that groups similar products together based on their attributes and characteristics. This is done by using a trained machine learning model to recognize patterns in the data. The program will then group the products together into "planning families." By using this technique, we can optimize inventory management, production planning, and supply chain logistics.

With LOGIBLOX, it`s very easy to:

  • automate planning families
  • find hidden information in your data
  • use the insights to draw better conclusions for process optimization

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