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Google Sheets Use Cases

Build apps from Google Sheets without a single line of code in minutes.

Google Sheets has limitations in handling and analyzing complex data sets and creating scalable dashboards and business apps, particularly with data from multiple sources. Building integrated and dynamic dashboards and apps is not possible. Learn how LOGIBLOX can help you in a short time.

Business Problem

A logistics company was struggling to keep track of their shipments and inventory across multiple warehouses, leading to lost or delayed shipments and decreased customer satisfaction. The company used a combination of spreadsheets and manual data entry to manage their inventory, but this system is error-prone and time-consuming.


The logistics company could implement a more efficient inventory management system using Google Sheets connected to LOGIBLOX. They could use LOGIBLOX to create a custom inventory management application that integrates with Google Sheets to automatically update inventory levels and track shipments. Using LOGIBLOX, the logistics company could create a custom interface that displays all their inventory and shipment information in real-time, allowing them to quickly identify and resolve any issues that arise.

With LOGIBLOX, it`s very easy to:

  • create apps / custom interface directly linked to Google Sheets that displays relevant data in real-time
  • customize connected LOGIBLOX application fitting all specific needs

Maximize Speed

Use your domain knowledge and build even complex dynamic dashboards and business apps in no time.

Leverage Efficiency

With Google Sheets live integration you can mirror und update data between LOGIBLOX and Google Sheets in both ways.

Manage Complexity

Build complex interactive analytics dashboards and apps with advanced pre-built building blox that gives you instant analytics superpower.

Transform Your Organization

Get ready to unlock hidden insights from your data.

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