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Bloodbank Use Case

Adaptable & Integrated Bloodbank App for Veterinarians (3 min read)

The Bloodbank needed to be transferred into a digital solution.

Business Problem

Blood donations for dogs and cats are becoming increasingly important as a life-saving measure. However, all essential information about blood donors and transfusions has been maintained using paper records and spreadsheets. Apart from the risk of forgetting critical information, managing growing amount of data is challenging to maintain and keep organized. Additionally, the current paper-based system raises sustainability and resource wasting concerns.


Our team was able to independently develop the app with the LOGIBLOX App Builder in a short amount of time. The digital solution allows us to store and maintain all important information. The app also provides an overview of all relevant blood products. With its complex business logics more processes are automated to save time. The app offers better organization and ensures that data has a single source of truth.

With LOGIBLOX, it`s very easy to:

  • Fast digital product building at much lower costs
  • No technical skills required
  • Google Sheet integrated digital health platform

Build your own business apps in a very short time without any coding experience.


Change your app as you go and adapt to the latest business requirements without IT involvement.

Self service

Gain independence with LOGIBLOX to drive the digital transformation health industry.

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